The Official Bocca Reunion (From The Beginning Till The End)

Saturday, 26 January 2019

When 2 of the most Legendary Belgian clubs teams up... You just know it's gonna be... EPIC! ☑️ Saturday the 26th of January, Bocca is back for one night with the Official BOCCA Destelbergen Reunion at LaRoccaClub! Are you ready to reunite? Relive those unforgettable moments from the beginning till the end! #BoccaDestelbergen

At the decks from the beginning till the end...

Room 1
🎧 Mario (Insomnia Nights)
🎧 Greg S. (Magic)
🎧 Sammir (Disco Disco)
🎧 Thierry (Club Lux)
🎧 Ken (Retro Arena)
🎧 David Latour (Retro House XXL)
🎧 Bart Reeves (La Bush Reunion)
🎧 Jannick (La Gomera)
🎧 Ricardo (Creamm)

Room 2
🎧 Olivier Pieters (Age Of Love)
🎧 Tom Leclerq (Versuz - Zillion)
🎧 Phi-Phi (Extreme)
🎧 Mike Thompson (Cherry Moon)
🎧 Henk Vandepapeliere (Boccaccio)
🎧 Marko De La Rocca (La Rocca)

Bocca The Official Reunion... from the beginning till the end!
Saturday the 26th of January... La Rocca Lier.


Formule 1: Table - 6 Pers - Min Spend 350€
Formule 2: Corner - 8 Pers - Min Spend 450€
Formule 3: V.I.P. Veuve - 10 Pers - Min Spend 600€