Friday is Funky Fresh!

Forever Funky. The hottest urban party on a Friday in Belgium! We offer you a sweet melange of Disco, Funk and R&B, with all it’s classy flavours. Think champagne, Versace and Gucci sunglasses!

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Dj TLP a.k.a. Troubleman is Belgium’s most notorious urban dj. He hails from the city of Ghent which also brought the world the legendary dj teams The Glimmers and 2 Many DJ’s. TLP started off in the music industry at the same time as these two teams. They soon became good friends and it was together with Mo and Benoelie (a.k.a. the Glimmers) that TLP learned his first tricks as a dj. He was also one of the residents alongside these giants when the now legendary Culture Club opened it’s doors in 2002. He is the only dj of this team who is still resident at the Culture Club while The Glimmers and 2many dj’s have conquered the world. While these other dj teams are more focused on electro and house music, TLP mainly deals with urban music. He prefers not to be labeled an r’n’b dj though as his sets consist of a healthy mashup of reggae, hip hop, electro, latin and afro inspired house, booty bass, old school disco and funk classics, broken beat and old and new r’n’b classics. He is also known to play long sets (of more than 5 or 6 hours) in which he perfectly blends al these genres into one healthy mix of party vibes.



Dj Hich started his deejay career back in 1996 at Café Local, this club was the only club in Antwerp at that time with 2 levels, where he played at the R&B level until 1998 as a resident. After that he played in Club Mondial (Holland) until 1999 also as a resident R&B dj. Since then he has come a long way with residencies in different clubs Goldfinger: 2000-2001 (Holland) G Spot: 2000-2001 (Holland) Turbulence: 2001-2002 (Holland) Combining these residencies he also did a lot of guest appearances in some of the biggest clubs in Belgium such as Fuse, Café d’Anvers, Illusion, Red & Blue, etc. At the moment he’s playing in club ‘La Rocca’, where he’s the resident dj for a special R&B concept on Fridays called ‘Forever Funky’, this concept started in April 2003 and has been a success ever since. In combination with his work in clubs he has his own radio show on Fridays and Saturdays from 20 till 22h on a big Antwerp radio station called Multipop (100.2 FM). In 2006 his R&B radio show is on a national radio station called Contact every Friday from 20 till 22h. Now he’s also resident at Cocoon and at Deja Vu. Dj Hich did a guest set on bbc extra during the R&B mix show in november 2004. Furthermore he played at live performances of some of the biggest R&B stars like Donnel Jones, Da Brat, Coolio, Warren G to name but a few.

Every Friday

Strict & selective door policy.
ID required.
Zero tolerance.

Radio Rocca

Every friday night Radio Stad streams live from La Rocca on 107.8 FM and www.radiostad.org.